Localized Lead Generation

Digital Strategies for Localized Lead Generation

How do you reach people in your local marketplace in ways that are meaningful to them? Start by localizing your digital campaigns to better attract customers for in-store promotions, regional events, and lead generation at the local level.

Marketing campaigns that are personalized to the customer, and localized to their setting offer substantial benefits. Advertisers can target messaging to their desired audience, and more efficiently spend their advertising dollars.

Tune in as Ryan Burch, Cybba’s Managing Director, West hosts a session with Robin Gronlund, Associate Vice President of Marketing at Middlebury College, and Chelsea Klement, Senior Account Manager at Cybba. Learn about best practices and strategies for localized lead generation to stand out to your target audiences.

  • Identify unique digital audiences and advertising opportunities at the local level
  • Utilize geofencing strategies to maximize lead generation and drive in-store or event traffic
  • Leverage dynamic messaging and creatives to achieve localized personalization
  • Discuss case study of how Middlebury College successfully increased enrollment leads

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