Digital Advertising

What is Reddit? Reddit is the 4th most popular site in the US, and the 8th most popular site in the world. Reddit is a way to view news and connect with people of similar backgrounds, views, and interests, or to simply find entertaining content. The front page of the site acts as a grouping of the most popular recent posts from its countless communities (called subreddits) that are formed around specific subjects. Those subreddits have their own...

Geotargeting Uses Location to Refine Targeting Geotargeting is commonly used in display, SEM and paid social campaigns. It is the addition of a geographic targeting layer to focus an advertising campaign. For example, we want to reach men, 25 to 40 years old, who are interested in online grocery delivery services, and live in Boston. Geotargeting can be done broadly, such as targeting anyone within a specific country. It can also get more granular, such as targeting people...

Rapid Growth in the Online Grocery Market Online grocery shopping is at an all-time high. Nearly half of Americans, and a staggering 61% of millennials, are buying their groceries online. This market has doubled over the past year. The biggest trend is that traditional brick-and-mortar grocery retailers have been investing on their online platforms on a massive scale. Online giants such as Amazon are playing in the space as well. There has also been a huge uptick in...

With each passing year, more and more eCommerce transactions occur via mobile devices. To keep up with trends in consumer behavior, many brands have developed mobile apps that facilitate the buying process on phones and tablets. However, once a quality app is developed, one question remains – how does a brand make its target audience aware of its app, and how can that brand drive users to download and utilize it?

74% of consumers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.

Relevance is key to keep customers engaged, especially at the critical points of site or cart abandonment. By making your customers feel like you are talking to them directly, and not just displaying a generic message, they are more likely to continue interacting with your site.

38% Of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.1

In addition to offering a great customer experience, make sure your solution also offers best-in-class design. Keep in mind that your customer is about to abandon your website, so you really need to make sure you get his attention, and your visuals and design will be a big part of doing this successfully.