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Ashworth College
Discover Ashworth College’s strategy to increase conversions by 38 percent via Cybba’s digital retargeting and paid social technologies.
Learn how Autogeek partnered with us and recovered thousands of conversions each month through Cybba’s full-suite of digital marketing and advertising solutions.
Denihan Hospitality Group
Discover how Denihan Hospitality Group achieved a 42 percent click-through-rate with Cybba’s targeted remarketing campaigns.
Tech Armor
Learn how Tech Armor generated a 10 percent uplift in revenue with Cybba’s personalized and user-centric engagement strategies.
Read how Telecharge, the official box office for Broadway and off-Broadway theatre tickets, generated millions of dollars in revenue with Cybba’s display advertising technology.
University of Tennessee
See how Cybba worked with UT to convert its onsite traffic, re-engage abandoned visitors and upsell to returning buyers and loyal fans.

Discover how Cybba partners with affiliates with a no-risk commitment for reliable integration and advanced digital advertising capabilities.
Cybba targets prospective customers in the competitive auto industry by leveraging our unique data for all aspects of a business. Learn more:
Discover how Cybba drives higher online conversion efficiencies by creating personalized touchpoints and a connected experience across the customer journey.
Display Prospecting
Learn how you can drive more traffic to your site and grow brand awareness with high performance, display targeting.
Display Retargeting
See how Cybba increases online conversions by re-engaging high value visitors who abandon sites without converting.
Email Remarketing
Discover Cybba’s strategies for crafting unique, individual emails with all the elements you need to recover lost sales from cart abandonment.
Facebook Advertising
The scope of Facebook advertising is unlimited. See how you can reap its benefits with Cybba’s campaigns just for you.
Discover how Cybba drives booking and revenue by creating a connected customer experience across customer touchpoints.
Native Advertising
Native advertising offers a powerful way to display content in front of your audience. Learn which benefits you’ll only get with Cybba.
Onsite Engagement
DSee how you can gain your customers’ attention upon abandonment with branded, mobile-friendly and contextually relevant onsite messagaing and re-engagement features.
Thanks to Cybba’s Yelp partnership and data banks, it’s easy for restaurants to increase bookings and foot traffic. Learn more:

Conversion optimization is the key for retaining customers and increasing sales. Get Cybba’s top 11 tips for optimizing performance..
Remarketing emails are vital for converting abandoned customers and boosting your brand. Here are Cybba’s top 9 tips for reaching your email goals.

Onsite Engagement
There are a lot of reasons for customers to leave your site, but letting them leave without a fight when a customer has shown strong intent to buy never makes sense!
Remarketing Suite
Even with the best products, the best website and user experience, 70% or more of your customers with an item in their cart will abandon before completing their transaction.
Cybba College
We’ve partnered with college media brands across the country to build a propriety pool of first party data. Your message can stay in front of your core customer on the devices, platforms, and sites they frequent most often.