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Maximize bookings and conversion efficiency with our full suite of performance-based marketing solutions. 

Find out how Cybba delivered a 33:1 Return On Advertising Spend, and created a strategy that addressed the following challenges:

  • Maximize brand exposure by turning customers into brand ambassadors
  • Re-engage visitors at the point of website abandonment
  • Retarget abandoned users with remarketing emails and retargeting ads
  • Increase the average order value of online ticket sales with best-selling products, browsing history and cart display

“Cybba has played a significant role in helping our business convert shoppers who would have abandoned our site. In six months since implementing Cybba, we’ve increased conversions by five times, and recovered tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. Needless to say, we are incredibly pleased with the results.”

-Teresa Holden, Vice President of marketing and communications at 365 Tickets USA.

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