Loyal Holiday Shoppers

As we move into fall, marketers are preparing for the holiday shopping season when they will spend their biggest budgets to attract and engage new shoppers. The average eCommerce store spends 80% of their marketing budget on customer acquisition. However, 27% of first-time buyers only use a business once. Turning fragile new buyers into loyal repeat customers is the cash cow for your business.

Join Neela Ahmed, Managing Director, Cybba Canada as she shares winning strategies and tips to drive performance for your best holiday season.

  • How to engage the fickle shopper during the competitive holiday season
  • How to build a loyal relationship with delicate first-time buyers
  • How to put your marketing on steroids with social media
  • How to hook new customers with the ultimate customer experience

Creating strong brand relationships with your holiday shoppers is essential to growing your business. Existing customers are 8x more likely to buy again, and at an average cart value that is 2x of new customers. Sign-up now for our “How To” performance marketing webinar.

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