New Year, New Ad Tech

The biggest challenge digital advertisers face is making sure ad dollars are well-spent.

Between ad fraud inflating prices, consumers using ad blockers, and the ongoing competition for customer’s attention, advertisers need to be on the constant lookout for fresh perspectives.

Cybba’s experts – Ryan Burch, Director of Platform and Display Sales, and Samantha Carnall, Senior Account Manager – discuss how to:

1. Develop advanced targeting strategies for dynamic ads
2. Implement CPI campaigns that maximize your return across all company apps.
3. Customize your video advertising strategy and drive action
4. Optimize your paid social campaigns to reach the best customers at the best time
5. Improve your customer’s experience with mobile responsiveness

About Cybba Inc.
Cybba brings conversion efficiency through a connected, personalized customer experience. Our applications (display advertising, paid social, SEM, onsite engagement and email remarketing), enable businesses to generate new traffic, increase customer engagement, and drive website conversions

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