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New Edu

Learn about the digital marketing strategies that attract, convert, and retain prospective students for schools of all sizes and designs.


Defying Disruption

Hear holiday predictions and learn tips for businesses at various stages of eCommerce adoption.


Influencer Marketing

Learn the basics of Influencer Marketing and campaign strategies that can be adapted to benefit brands of all sizes.


One-Time Shoppers

Learn about our favorite low lift, high impact ways to keep customers returning to your brand.


Direct Bookings

Learn how a combination of strategic messaging and digital reservation abandonment tools can increase direct online bookings for hotels.


Combat Abandonment

Learn how to minimize abandonment across the new customer journey with onsite engagement, dynamic product recommendations, and remarketing emails.


Redefining Your Retargeting

Now is the time to learn about advances in re-engagement and to refresh your retargeting strategy. Join our experts to figure out where to start.


Advertising Against Adversity

Learn how to leverage digital marketing and advertising technologies to remain top of mind and relevant during uncertain times.


Launching Your Brand OTT

Learn about the relationship between OTT and CTV, changes in consumer video viewing behaviors, and the advantages of advertising on OTT.


Dominance of Mobile

Learn about where mobile fits into the new customer journey and tips to leverage consumers’ dependence on their mobile devices to increase sales.


Personalized Marketing

Learn how to leverage data-driven personalization for your holiday promotions. 


Ticketing Talk with Geffen Playhouse

Learn how Geffen Playhouse achieved a 9:1 ROI on digital spend and reveal the key digital advertising and marketing strategies that lead to increased ticket sales.


High Impact Creative

Understand the ins and outs of designing ad creative to banish banner blindness and bring optimal exposure to your brand.


Optimize Facebook

Learn how to optimize Facebook ads for both reach and conversion.


Audience Targeting

Learn some powerful audience targeting strategies to increase reach, effectiveness, and profitability for your display and paid social campaigns.


Spring Sales Soar

We reveal our secrets on how you can take advantage of the seasonal upticks in spring spending across the retail, travel, and hospitality industries.


Going Digital at Crains

Find out how Crain went digital to promote nine major brands and generated over 3,915 subscriptions and recovered $400,000+ in revenue.


CRO Optimization for Travel

Our experts cover some proven techniques to optimize conversion rates for travel brands by avoiding excess costs and getting the most out of your marketing dollar.


New Year, New Tech

Stay up to date with the latest strategies, techniques and trends in AdTech.


New Year, New Lessons

Learn how to make every customer touchpoint count with the latest digital marketing tools and strategies applied to each stage of the customer journey.


Holiday Engagement Through Roof

Our experts discuss the last-minute adjustments you can make to optimize your holiday customer engagement strategies.


Most Out Of Holiday Media Budget

Learn how to get the most out of your holiday media budget by reaching in-market, on-the-go consumers at critical moments in the buying journey.


Convert Holiday Shoppers to Loyal Customers

Learn how to build loyal customer relationships and turn fragile first-time buyers into repeat customers.


5 Must Dos Fall

Maximize shopper engagement this upcoming fall season and take advantage of the $100 billion estimated consumer spend.


Savvy Traveler

Our experts discuss the up-and-coming industry travel trends presented at the 2018 Airline Executive Summit presented by Amadeus.


Localized Lead Gen

Learn the best ways to attract local audiences with geofencing strategies and unique advertising opportunities.


Email Reboot

Our experts discuss the perfect email remarketing campaigns with compelling copy and design to reach and convert your abandoned customers.


Streamline Customer

Learn how to effectively manage, measure, and nurture the customer journey.


Hook Your Customers

learn how to build a compelling digital experience for your customers with audience segmentation, re-enagement, and conversion optimization strategies.


Gen Z

Our experts explore the next generation of consumers and what brands can do to gain their attention.



We cover all the steps you need to make your business compliant for GDPR.


Active Engagement

Spark emotional connections with your customers with a well thought-out engagement strategy that maps out rich content to each stage of the buyer’s journey.


New Year New Adtech

Stay up to date with the latest strategies, techniques and trends in AdTech.


Holiday Survival Guide

Get yourself prepared for the busy holiday season with eCommerce optimization strategies and tips.


Social Ad Hacks

Discover the five hacks to get the most out of your paid social ads.