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Unlock precision targeting with Cybba Behavioral Audiences, designed to reflect your customer’s interests.

Powerful Data Integration: Harness data across multiple sources to segment customers based on shared behaviors and preferences.


Personalized Campaigns: Craft campaigns that resonate with your audience’s interests, boosting conversion chances.



Cybba’s B2B Audiences pinpoint professionals across the spectrum, from top-tier executives to individual team members.

Industry-specific Targeting: Engage users within desired employment sectors, maximizing relevancy.


Decision-Maker Access: Connect directly with those wielding purchasing power.


Optimized B2B Sales: Pinpoint the ideal audience within your targeted industry.



With Cybba Event Audiences, tap into a niche of theater enthusiasts and ticket purchasers.

Broadway Engagement Target users who are active Broadway and off-Broadway ticket purchasers.


Genre-specific Outreach: Expanding your reach? Target based on show genres, diversifying your engagement strategies.



Cybba Purchase Audiences: your key to targeting decisive, action-taking consumers.

Action-based Segmentation: Group users using deterministic signals derived from their purchasing behaviors.


Category-specific Focus: Enhance conversions by engaging users with a history of buying within your product category.


Re-Engage and Convert: Ideal for reconnecting with repeat customers or those with a high intent to purchase.



Cybba’s Custom Audiences offer a versatile targeting experience, tailored to your specific needs.

Customizable Criteria: Define audiences using boolean logic, integrating meta data such as purchase value.


Audience Combinations: Merge Behavioral, Purchase, Event, and B2B Audiences using AND, OR, NOT Boolean logic.


Advanced Targeting Capabilities: Achieve granular targeting to precisely pinpoint your desired audience.

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