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Easy to Use macbook with black screen

Email Remarketing Can Recover Over 5% of Abandoned Revenue

LET'S CHAT EMAIL REMARKETING Example of Joro Bianti remarketing email on desktop

Email Remarketing Brings Customers Back

More than 70% of visitors with an item in their cart will abandon before completing their transaction. Bring them back with email remarketing to drive incremental revenue.

Email Remarketing Keeps You Connected with Customers.

Keep Your Brand and Products Top of Mind

Generate compelling emails to re-engage customers with offers they won’t ignore

Create Triggered Reminders to Complete Purchase

Deliver series of cascaded emails with increasing urgency and better incentives

Improve Campaign Effectiveness

Increase click to conversion rates to 15% using targeted segmentation tactics

Deliver 5% Incremental Revenue

  • Customers typically experience 9 touchpoints before buying so make it convenient for them to re-engage with your brand.
  • Capture emails in real-time as customers land on your website.
  • If the customer abandons, send a branded and personalized email to re-engage within 1 hour.
  • A/B testing and cascaded emails create an easy option to return and finish the purchase.
  • Find out more: Email Remarketing Datasheet ▸
Email remarketing how it works

Template Insert dynamic data from customer behaviors and attributes into customized emails Intelligent Messaging Capture emails pre-submit as customers abandon to offer segmented personalized messaging. Abandonment Email Capture Rebuild shopping carts with pre-populated products to make it easy to complete the purchase Cart Reminders Trigger follow-up emails within 1 hour, 24 hours and 48 hours of abandonment Cascaded Emails Test discounts, subject lines, CTAs, creatives, send times, etc. to optimize campaign performance A/B Testing Using onsite engagement tool, capture prospect emails for newsletters, CRM lists, and lead generation Prospect Email Acquisition onsite features website example mobile onsite pop up email form Key Features iPhone with white screen
email remarketing for Autogeek
Autogeek logo

Autogeek has an average of 60% open-rate

“With an average of 60% open rate and 20% click-through rate, we know our remarketing emails have a high impact on our abandoning customers and are a strong part of the success of our multi-touch reengagement strategy!”
– Terry Angstadt, Managing Director, Autogeek

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