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About Cybba (video)

Cybba helps online businesses exponentially increase revenue and lower cost of acquisition by optimizing every stage of the customer journey.


Affiliate (datasheet)

Discover how Cybba partners with affiliates with a no-risk commitment for reliable integration and advanced digital advertising capabilities.


Amazon (datasheet)

Cybba’s Amazon ad solutions uses Amazon first-party shopper data to drive qualified traffic to both direct websites and Amazon stores.


Auto (datasheet)

Cybba targets prospective customers in the competitive auto industry by leveraging our unique data for all aspects of a business.


CBD (datasheet)

Increase website traffic and online CBD purchases with personalized touchpoints to provide a connected experience across each customer’s journey.


Corporate (datasheet)

Discover how Cybba drives higher online conversion efficiencies by creating personalized touchpoints and a connected experience across the customer journey.


Cybba College (video)

We’ve partnered with college media brands to build a proprietary pool of first party data so your message stays in front of your core customer.


Cybba Behavioral Audiences (datasheet)

With these audiences, advertisers can increase the scale of their campaigns, while targeting more relevant users.


Display Prospecting (datasheet)

Learn how you can drive more traffic to your site and grow brand awareness with high performance, display targeting.


Display Retargeting (datasheet)

Increase your online conversions by re-engaging high value visitors who abandon your site without converting.


Digital Out of Home

Harness the power of programmatic targeting while getting in front of thousands of eyeballs


Dynamic Ads (datasheet)

Learn the best practices for designing dynamic ads for real time creative.


eCommerce Challenge (video)

More than 97% of your traffic leaves without ever converting. Find out how Cybba can help you re-engage your abandoning customers at the point of abandonment.


Email Remarketing (datasheet)

Discover Cybba’s strategies for crafting unique, individual emails with all the elements you need to recover lost sales from cart abandonment.


Facebook Advertising (datasheet)

The scope of Facebook advertising is unlimited. See how you can reap its benefits with Cybba’s campaigns just for you.


Higher Education (datasheet)

Cybba identifies and targets qualified leads – students that are the right fit for your program – and uses Display and Paid Social advertising to drive enrollment.


Hospitality (datasheet)

Discover how Cybba drives booking and revenue by creating a connected customer experience across customer touchpoints.


Hotel Branding (datasheet)

Cybba has used a higly targeted, cross-channel approach to reach the best audiences and drive new visitors to independent hotel sites.


Marketer's Guide to Spring Success (media kit)

Get insights to increase revenue and lower the cost of acquisition this spring with display advertising, paid social, onsite engagement, and email remarketing.


Media Kit (media kit)

Our team manages campaigns across multiple marketing and advertising channels, using real-time information to construct the most effective conversion strategies.


Native Advertising (datasheet)

Native advertising offers a powerful way to display content in front of your audience. Learn which benefits you’ll only get with Cybba.


Onsite (datasheet)

Gain your customers’ attention upon abandonment with branded, mobile-friendly, and contextually relevant onsite messaging and re-engagement features.


OTT/CTV Advertising (datasheet)

OTT gives you control over how and when ads are served, promises fraud-free inventory, and ensures brand safety.


PMP (datasheet)

Private marketplace deals ensure an advertiser’s programmatic investment is spent on high-value, premium domains .


Promo Bar (video)

With Cybba’s customizable and mobile-friendly promo bar increase conversion rates by 5% to 10%


Programmatic Audio (datasheet)

Cybba programmatic audio campaigns serves ads on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartMedia.


Retail Media Networks (datasheet)

Advertise your products on some of the largest retailers in the world while targeting exclusive 1st party data.


Remarketing suite (video)

Even with the best products, the best website and user experience, 70% or more of your customers with an item in their cart will abandon before completing their transaction.


Sports and Recreation (media kit)

This guide provides you with the sports and recreation industry knowledge you need to differentiate your brand from the competition.


The 2021 Guide to Programmatic Advertising (media kit)

Learn about the technology behind programmatic advertising, and the roles of DSPs, SSPs, and ad exchanges.


Travel and Hospitality (media kit)

Dig into our report of industry trends, tips to boost sales, and an engaging webinar for ways to meet your travel prospects at every step of the buyer’s journey.


Consumer Engagement (media kit)

Learn how to engage consumers in a meaningful way that builds lifelong loyalty.


Travel Data (datasheet)

With Cybba’s data solutions, you can target travelers based on their interests, intent, geography, and time of day.


YouTube (datasheet)

YouTube is both the world’s second most visited website and second most used social platform, offering major advertising opportunities for brands.