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Drive More Traffic Using Display Advertising


The Benefits of Display Advertising

Display advertising attracts new audiences who are likely to engage with your brand. Behavioral, demographic, location, and contextual targeting strategies drive new user acquisition and build brand awareness.

Dynamic Display Ads Generate Qualified Audiences

Drive Qualified Traffic

Behavioral, contextual, geolocation, and demographic targeting put your brand in front of the best audiences

Identify New Prospects
With Robust User Data

Take advantage of multiple sources of intent data to attract the hottest prospects

Tap Into the Most
Extensive Media Network

Extend your reach with the most extensive and diversified media network and data partnerships

Power with Data-Driven Audience Targeting

  • When it comes to digital marketing and advertising, data drives the most successful campaigns. Harness the power of customer data and multiple intent sources to drive meaningful engagements.
  • Our massive programmatic reach spans more than 1400 ad sellers, over 200 private marketplace deals and exclusive data partnerships.
  • Our dedicated trading teams make continuous bid and spend optimizations to exceed KPIs.
  • Find out more: Display Prospecting Datasheet ▸
Display ad

Template Real-time personalization shows ads based on customer behavior, interests, geo-location, and content Robust Audience Targeting Vast media network provides quality and quantity of reach for performance at scale Massive Programmatic Reach Optimization of bids, spend, day parting, recencies, frequency caps, site lists, and geos to achieve KPIs Ad Campaign Optimization Dynamic ads deliver timely promotions based on real-time intent and intelligence Custom Dynamic Creative Display prospecting combined with retargeting deliver right message at right time across the customer journey Full Journey Engagement In-depth analytics and transparency of performance across media, audiences, creatives, and devices Actionable Insights and Transparency display prospecting ad massive programmatic reach ad campaign optimization custom dynamic creative robust audience targeting actional insights and transparency full journey engagement Key Features
Display Advertising solutions for Crain's
Crain Communications

“Cybba provided the solutions that worked best for us and helped us execute campaigns effectively, efficiently, and seamlessly. It made this partnership feel like the ultimate extension of the Crain team and allowed us to rely on their expertise while staying true to our brand guidelines and objectives.”
– Alliya Samhat, Acquisition Marketing Manager, Crain Communications

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